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March Bulletin Board Ideas

March Bulletin Boards

Our March Bulletin Board Ideas page will provide you with great resources for a number of monthly events, holidays and themes. Our bulletin boards will help you integrate seasonal activities into your daily curriculum. Ideas within the March bulletin board pages include resources for the following: St. Patrick's Day and the beginning of spring.

March Bulletin Board IdeasWe are always looking for new ideas! Your creativity can help other teachers. Submit your bulletin board idea and don't forget to include a photo if you have one!

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The Teacher's Corner Resources March Comes in Like a Lion
March comes in like a lion Bulletin BoardYou will need the following materials for this bulletin board:
paper plates
yellow paint
black paint
paint brushes
large goggle-eyes
black pom-poms (for the nose)
Students paint their entire plate yellow with the paint. Allow to dry.
Use glue to attach the eyes and nose. Allow to dry.
Use the black paint to add the following: mouth, whiskers, eyebrows
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources The March of the Irish Grades K-3
Each child traced his/her foot on brown paper (for a "potato" person) and added eyes, nose, mouth, body to look like him/herself. They came out SO cute! We added kites, shamrocks, other "March" & "Spring" things to the background. (This was for a second grade class.)
Submitted by: KJKLF@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Leprechaun Graph Grades K-5
I make a graph: "Do you believe in leprechauns?" Yes, No, Maybe. The kids decorate a shamrock shape with green and gold glitter add their name, and put it on the right space. I do one too and usually say "maybe".
Submitted by: K2FINE@email-removed

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