July Bulletin Board Ideas

July Bulletin Boards

Our July Bulletin Board Ideas page will provide you with great resources for a number of monthly events, holidays and themes. Our bulletin boards will help you integrate seasonal activities into your daily curriculum. Ideas within the July bulletin board pages include resources for the following: Independence Day, watermelon, picnics, summer, and sun.

July Bulletin Board IdeasWe are always looking for new ideas! Your creativity can help other teachers. Submit your bulletin board idea and don't forget to include a photo if you have one!

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The Teacher's Corner Resources 4th of July Grades Any
the round card board part of a coat hanger

I let the children put glue on bulletin board size paper. I did assist with one big fire work burst in the middle. They sprinkled glitter on all the glue spots, then they dipped the clothes hanger (board) into red, white, and blue paint. They attached a pipe cleaner inside (stuffed a small piece) of paper to hold the pipe cleaner stem into place. And BANG! a really neat fireworks display. Each of the 19 students made a fire cracker and I stapled the pipe cleaner part to the board. I also let them paint red. white. and blue toilet tissue tubes cut them in half and presto that was the border.
Submitted by: Mycine, Phoenix School, mycine02@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources "The Class of 2003"
I worked at a migrant Headstart in Lyons, Ga. My favorite bulletin board idea is that we have 9 children graduating and 6 going to pre-k. My theme was "The class of 2003." I did a drawing of caps and gowns for each child. Then I put their pictures to fit the cap. The kids really got a kick out showing their parents what they had done. They help cut out caps.
Submitted by: Tabitha tabithaj@email-removed

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