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Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

"Spring" Into a Great Book!

As your students finish a book, they can complete a recommendation form to share the book with others. Here is the text from the printable worksheets:

“Spring Into a Good Book”

You will be completing a Book Recommendation for the book you just read.

When writing your recommendation, include the following information:

  • Title of the book and author’s name.
  • Summary of the book – without giving the whole story away.
  • Genre of the book.
  • Explain why you liked the book and why someone else would like it.
  • Be specific!
  • Write at least five sentences.

After writing your recommendation below, cut out your work so it can be added to the display.

The printable sheets below also contain the student instructions.
Submitted by: Jennifer teach@email-removed

Spring Into Book Pattern
1 1/2-Lined Book

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