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December Bulletin Board Ideas

Presents Under the Tree

This bulletin board is student built for the most part and is a project on giving, where every child is equal no matter what their financial situation.

For this bulletin board you will need to collect old catalogs of all kinds, many stores will donate several of them. You will also need construction paper, markers, crayons, and/or stickers to decorate.

1. To begin, give each child a large sheet of green construction paper and have them make several cut-outs of their hands. Use these hands to create a Christmas tree on your bulletin board.
2. Decorate the tree any way you like. I then decorated the rest of the board to look like a cozy Christmas living room.

3. Next, probably on another day, give each child a pocket that you have made by cutting a small piece of construction paper in half and then folded in half again, fastening the sides while leaving the top open. Let the children decorate as Christmas presents any way you like making sure to clearly mark each package with the child's name. We used construction paper scraps from a previous project to make ribbons and bows. Securely fasten each package under and around the Christmas tree (pockets open).

Set up one of your centers as a "shopping mall" with all of the catalogs and a list of student names for each child.
As Christmas approaches the children will spend the center time shopping for each classmate by cutting out pictures, signing them, and placing them in the packages under the tree. The children love shopping through the catalogs and they all have the "same amount of money" to spend.

Submitted by: Rachelle Richmond richmond@email-removed


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